John 6:28 The Work God Requires

“Jesus answered, The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:28

The day after Jesus had fed the 5,000, the people were searching for Him again. He told them not to work for bread that spoils or physical things. They asked the question of what they must do to do the work that God requires. He answers with believing in the one He has sent.

There are many people who state that they believe in God. Yet, as they are “believing” in God, they are not doing what He asks. They will still do their own thing.

Others will state that they believe in Jesus. They will know all the parables Jesus taught. They will know what He did and why He did it. They may have even read all the gospels multiple times. Yet, that belief stops there.

Belief in Jesus is trusting Him in everything He says. It is easy to trust Him for the salvation He provides. It is easy to trust that He loves us and cares for us. But there is yet another level to that belief.

Are you trusting Jesus when He says be His witness? Or when He tells you to walk on the water? Or be willing to be persecuted for His name?

You may never walk on water like Peter did, but you will go through trials in your life that you must choose to step out of your comfort zone into a dangerous location to do His will. You may have to walk in the dangerous areas in order to be a witness to someone who only you can witness to. It may bring some hurt to be an honest person of integrity, yet that is what Jesus wants from you.

Jesus said and did only what He saw His Father say and do. He is telling you to do the same thing. God’s work is to save the world from sin. He sent Jesus to do that. Jesus is now sending you to spread that news.

Are you really believing in Jesus? Are you following Him, trusting His guidance? Or are you doing your own thing, believing in Him when it is convenient and comfortable?

I pray today that you will learn to trust Jesus fully; that you will believe all the words of Jesus; that you will obey the words of Jesus; that you will do the work God desires; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.

John 6:9 Anyone Can Be Used

“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will that go among so many?” John 6:9

Jesus had been teaching for an extended amount of time in a remote location. There were about 5,000 men there, not to include any women or children. As it came to evening time Jesus asked about how the disciples were going to feed the people. They did not have any clue as to how to do it. Andrew then brings up a boy with a few loaves of bread and some fish. Jesus blesses the food and feeds everyone with leftovers at the end.

Often people come up against a situation in life that needs a solution and quickly. They look around and do not see any easy solution, while in God’s eyes, the solution is right in front of them.

God can take a very little and make it a lot. Read the rest of the story, they end up with twelve baskets full of left over bread crumbs. That is more than they started with.

In my family of just ten people, we can go through a whole loaf of bread in one meal easily. How can five loaves feed 5,000? It is by the work of God. He multiplied the loaves to meet the need.

Along with taking just a little food to feed the many, Jesus also used a boy. Most people do not even look at a child as a solution to a major food issue.

Many people also look at themselves like a child. They feel they are too small to really do anything big for God. They do not see how God can possibly use them in a real way.

Compared to God, you and I are nothing. You really have nothing of value, except giving your own self. Give God your life and you have given Him the most valuable thing available. God can then use you and what little you have to do great things.

Are you a willing little child? Are you available to God? Are you willing to give God what you have to use for His glory? Seek God today on how you can be used by Him. You may be surprised at what can happen.

I pray today that God will reveal to you how He can use you; that you will be willing to be used by God; that you will trust God with what you have; that God will work miracles through you; and that God will build His kingdom through you.

John 5:39-40 Where Do You Seek Life?

“You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” John 5:39-40

Jesus is talking about how He and God the Father testifies about who He is. The people also heard John the Baptist testify about who He was. The people had heard about Jesus and seen what He had done, yet were not following Him.

They were studying the Scriptures. They knew all the verses and prophecies. They knew all the rules God had stated. They expected to find life in those Scriptures. They would not come to Jesus for that life they were searching for.

Times have not changed. Many people today will go to church every Sunday, be on the worship team, and study the Bible thoroughly seeking for life and meaning in life. Yet, they will not have a relationship with Jesus, the author of life.

Most people are trying to earn their salvation. They want to be “good enough” for God. They are trying to escape punishment from God.

You will never be good enough for God. You can never earn your salvation. You will never find life outside of Jesus.

Everything that you do must be based off of your belief in the salvation Jesus provided and your relationship with Him. Seek Jesus and you will find life.

Jesus did not come to punish or condemn. He came to give life and that abundantly. He is the mercy and love of God to mankind.

Knowing the Bible inside and out will not give you life. In itself the Scriptures will leave you empty. They point to Jesus and the need for Him. Without Jesus all of the Scriptures become pointless.

Where are you seeking life? In things of this world? In Scriptures and church? In ministry? Or in Jesus?

I pray today that you will see Jesus as the author of life; that you will seek Jesus in every area of your life; that you will seek Jesus in the Scriptures; that God will reveal the life He has for you; and that you will come to Jesus for life.

John 5:17 Are You Working?

“In his defense Jesus said to them, My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” John 5:17

Jesus had healed a man on the Sabbath day and told the man to get up, take his mat and walk. The man did what he was told and was healed. The leaders were upset because the Law stated that a person was not to work on the Sabbath. Jesus tells them (in one of His few self-defenses) that the Father was at work even on that day and so was He.

God never sleeps nor slumbers. He is at work at in this world and in the lives of every person. God wants every person to believe in Jesus. He wants every person to be saved. He is willing to do what it takes for that to happen.

For some people a miracle will get their attention to believe in Jesus. For others it may be a tragedy. It is different for every person. God will use people to bring these things about in the lives of other people.

Most people only like to work when it is to their own advantage. When it turns to the advantage of someone else, most will start to slack off or stop. It is all about themselves.

Everyone also likes to relax and have fun, especially after a hard day at work. God is working all day, every day and night. The time to relax will come when Jesus returns and brings everyone home.

Seek God and see what He has for you to do today. There is work to be done. Jesus had said that the fields were ripe for harvest and needed workers to reap the harvest.

God may have you helping someone today. Or He may be having you be a witness to someone today. Or maybe having you pray for someone today.

Don’t quit working. Don’t give up. Rest in Him. Get your strength from the joy of the salvation given you. God is working, are you?

I pray today that God will show you the work He has for you to do; that God will give you the needed strength to continue to work; that you will see progress in the work He has you doing; and that you will look forward to the rest He will bring some day.

John 4:48 Believing Without Miracles

“Unless you people see signs and wonders, Jesus told him, you will never believe.” John 4:48

Jesus was back in the town of Cana where He had turned water into wine. One of the royal officials had a son who was sick and dying. He begged Jesus to heal his son. At this point Jesus talks about their searching for signs and wonders in order to believe. He does heal the man’s son, and the man does start following Jesus.

Many people are searching for miracles. They want to see something visibly happen before they will believe in Jesus. They choose not to believe unless they see some type of miracle.

Some have prayed to God believing in God for a miraculous healing of a loved one. When that person dies, the person gives up on God saying He must not be real or not loving because He let that loved one die.

Although God does give signs and wonders, you should not be searching for them. Allow God to bring them to you. You can ask God to bring about that miracle, but don’t base your belief in Him off of whether that miracle occurs or not.

If you want a sign or wonder just look around you. All of creation is a miracle in itself. The stars and planets are a wonder. Life, itself, is a miracle. All of these things point to a God and a God who loves and cares for you. He wants to be involved in your life.

Any more signs and wonders being requested could be a sign of selfishness. Look in the Bible and read of the miracles there. Listen to the testimonies of others. These should be enough for you to believe in God.

Once you believe in God and are truly following Jesus, it is acceptable to ask for more miracles. Miracles should not be the basis of your belief. What will happen to your belief when God chooses not to do a miracle? Will you stop believing?

Believe in Jesus today. He has always been faithful and true. He will not fail you.

I pray today that you will believe Jesus for who He is; that you will not need miracles in order to believe; that you will see the miracles of all of creation; that you will tell of the miracles in your life to others; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.

John 4:39 Are You Talking?

“Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, He told me everything I ever did.” John 4:39

Jesus had stopped at a well in Samaria on His way to Judea. There He met a Samaritan woman and talked with her. Remember that Jews rarely had anything to do with the Samaritans, in fact they would often avoid them as much as possible. As Jesus talked with her, she chose to serve Him. Then she went and told everyone in town what He had said and done. Many others followed Him because of her words.

Words from one person can play a large part in the decisions of another person. Some people will ask others for advice, but most will not. Even though they do not ask for advice they will listen and be swayed by the words of others.

Think about how much another person talking about a certain product will influence you to start using that product. If someone is excited about a product it is difficult to not look into it and maybe try it also.

Businesses work on this principle. They rely on advertisement and word of mouth. Word of mouth goes a lot further than just ads on TV or newspapers, or now in banners online.

Watch the trends in the nation. A celebrity starts wearing a certain brand of clothes, and suddenly all your friends are wearing those clothes and pressure you to purchase those same clothes.

With all of this said, are you talking about what Jesus has done in your life? Are you talking about who Jesus is?

People in the world will rarely pick up a Bible on their own or walk into a church on their own. You must be willing to tell them and invite them.

You won’t know how much your words will mean to someone else unless you use them. Your testimony about Jesus can have a great impact in someone else’s life. Are you willing to talk about Jesus? Maybe many in the city you live will believe in Jesus because of what you tell them. Start talking today.

I pray that God will give you His boldness to talk about Jesus; that you will tell other what Jesus has done for you; that you will not fear what others may think or say; that God will give you the words to say; and that God will draw many to Him through your words.

John 4:4 A Non-Popular Route

“Now he had to go through Samaria.” John 4:4

Jesus and His disciples were leaving Judea to go to Galilee. Although the most direct route was through Samaria, most Jewish people would go around Samaria, not through it. However, Jesus had to go through Samaria.

Samaria was an area where many Jews who had been captivity in Babylon had settled when they returned to Israel. Many of these Jews had intermarried with people of other nations. This broke God’s rule to not marry outside of an Israelite. Since this had occurred, they were looked down upon by the rest of the Jewish people as worthless. These people were looked at as worse than dogs (which were despised at that time) because it looked like the rejected God completely.

The reason Jesus had to go through Samaria was more than just to get to Galilee. He had to minister to someone there. The person He had to talk with was also at the bottom of the social ladder, even for Samaria. She was a woman who had been divorced multiple times and was currently living with a man outside of wedlock.

When Jesus met this woman, He revealed to her the need she really had. She was looking for real meaning to life. She saw that Jesus could provide that real life. She grabs onto it and believes Him.

Had Jesus been like the average Jewish person, He never would have met this lady and she never would have found salvation. She would have died in her sinful lifestyle.

God may guide you down a path that does not look or sound good, or make any sense. Yet, that path may be to have you reach out to someone there that needs God.

You must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Be willing to go down the path shown. Be willing to talk to anyone who crosses your path about Jesus. Point people to the living water that Jesus provides.

Do not be concerned about your safety and comfort. God has you here on this earth to have fellowship with Him and bring others to Him. Are you doing that today? Or are you going down a different path?

I pray today that God will reveal the path He has for you; that God will show you the people you need to talk to; that God will give you His boldness to tell others of Jesus; that God will fill you with His love for all people; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.